Next Cube Unit Group to Be Gayoon and Jiyoon

25 Dec

Next Cube Unit Group to Be Gayoon and Jiyoon

Fans still haven’t had enough of Cube Entertainment‘s first unit group, Trouble Maker, but that won’t be stopping the company from rolling out even more music! On December 22, officials of Cube finally revealed the members for their next exciting unit project!

Officials chose 4minute‘s Jiyoon and Gayoon, or “Double Yoon” as they call them, to be the next unit duo that focuses on ballads. The decision is one that makes sense, especially since both Gayoon and Jiyoon are the vocalists of the group. Gayoon has experience with OSTs like “My Princess,” “Lie to Me,” and “Woman I Still Hope to Marry,” while Jiyoon has already shown her vocal prowess through “Immortal Song 2.”

Considering Jiyoon’s voice is on the huskier end while Gayoon’s is focused on thin, high notes, fans are wondering how they’ll be bring their opposite charms together.

“Gayoon and Jiyoon’s singing styles contrast each other but also create an effect that you wouldn’t have imagined. We’re considering their musical style to be of the ballad genre. There isn’t a name for the group yet but officials of our company have begun calling them the ‘Double Yoon,'” officials explained.

Fellow member HyunA has been met with tremendous success as both a solo act and a unit group member, so 4minute’s next unit is expected to reach the same heights of success.

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