Kim Ok Bin opens up about her boyfriend and new punk band

23 Dec


Actress/newly-minted rocker Kim Ok Bin sat down for an interview with ‘First Look‘ magazine, where she talked about her boyfriend and her new band.

Kim Ok Bin stated, “It was because of my boyfriend, Schizo‘s Huh Jae Hun, that it was possible for me to pursue a [career with a] punk rock band.” It was the first time that the star opened up her elationship. She’s currently starring in her own reality series, ‘Kim Ok Bin’s OK PUNK‘ with Mnet, which documents her entry into the rock scene and transformation into a wild rock singer.

Kim Ok Bin went on, “We were friends for a long time because of similar interests, and then one day, we became lovers.”

Teasingly, she quipped, “Should I say that the prime opportunity to try a punk rock band on this program was because of my boyfriend?”

Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

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